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Baptisms Our parish welcomes baptisms. By Baptism we welcome the baptised to the start of their Christian journey. They are accepted as a member of the Church and as a member with Christ. 
Baptism involves using water as a symbol of purification, whilst invoking the Trinity of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, marking the baptized with water and with the sign of the cross.

In the Anglican tradition the majority of baptisms are of infants or young children, but baptism can be taken at any age.

During the baptism service the parents and the God parents renew their commitment to Christ, as well as their commitment to nurture the child in the Christian faith in the years to come. The role of the God parents is to support the family in bringing the child up to believe and understand the Christian faith.

It is usual for the service of baptism to be held as part of the normal Sunday worship, ideally one of the family services, so that the newly baptised can be welcomed into the church. In planning the service of baptism, the clergy will meet with the family to discuss the baptism service and to make all the necessary arrangements. It is helpful to plan the date well in advance. Contact 09 236 0870 or email: As the child grows older we encourage the family to share with our family services and for him or her to join in our Sunday School activities.

The service of Confirmation by the Bishop is available to those who wish. This will involve a period of preparation where the implications of Christian discipleship are discussed. The clergy are happy to discuss with any who wish to be confirmed. Contact: 09 236 0870.
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